GM Student CorpTen East Detroit High School students were selected to partner with retired General Motors executives through the GM Student Corp program in the summer of 2013. The program was designed to allow students to gain hands on experience to learn to work as a team to identify problems, create potential solutions for those problems and put together an action plan to make the situation better.

Together they identified ten projects on the school campus that needed work. Each student took the responsibility of being the team leader for one project and assume other team roles for the remaining projects. GM retirees acted as mentors and provided support to help students overcome obstacles in their work and teach them how to work cooperatively as a team with a common goal.

The group discussed the skills they were developing as they worked and documented their success and struggles. They even had to overcome tragic loss as one of the GM mentors passed away during the summer program. Each of the students, and their GM mentors reported a rewarding and enriching experience at the conclusion of the program as they reported to the Board of Education on the results of their projects and what they had learned.